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Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Systems

Designed Tested & Made in the USA

Trusted by Contractors

Jarred Jones P.E.

Composite Material & Design Specialist


Our range of advanced composite systems offers specialized fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) products designed specifically for enhancing the strength of structural components. These primary systems are designed and tested with SRS-1000 structural epoxy polymers and combined with high-strength SRS carbon fiber fabrics. With our unidirectional and bidirectional options available, we can tailor the performance of each product to suit the specific requirements of your structural elements. Our comprehensive selection of products can be utilized individually or combined to create an optimal solution for your project. For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

CFRP Fabric Systems

SRS-600UNI logo

A high-strength, non-corrosive unidirectional carbon fabric, specifically engineered for on-site lamination with SRS-1000 saturant resin. This unique combination forms a robust carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite, ideal for various structural reinforcement applications.

SRS-450UNI logo

A high-strength, non-corrosive unidirectional carbon fabric, specifically engineered for on-site lamination with SRS-1000 saturant resin. This unique combination forms a robust carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite, ideal for various structural reinforcement applications.

SRS-660BI Carbon Fiber Logo

A bidirectional, high-strength, non-corrosive bidirectional carbon fiber fabric designed to be field laminated with SRS-1000 Epoxy adhesive to create a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite for structural reinforcement and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures.

Concrete Strengthening and Protection

SRS 4000 logo

SRS-4000 Concrete Guard is furnished as a

clear water formulation of chemically active

ingredients that react with the concrete cement

to increase strength and decrease porosity. The

basic properties of concrete are measured to determine compressive, tensile and flexural strength.

SRS 4100 logo

SRS-4100 Steel Guard is an organic, surface-

applied corrosion inhibitor designed for use on

hardened concrete. It creates a durable

passivating film on the surface of embedded

steel, effectively pacifying both anodic and

cathodic sites of the corrosion cell. This

advanced formula migrates as vapor to deposit

on the embedded steel, ensuring

comprehensive protection.

Pre-cured Systems

Regrid logo

ReGrid (Reinforcement Grid) technology is an innovative solution for commercial and residential concrete structures. Utilizing an industry leading bonding process known as Adhesive Riveting Technology (ART), structural epoxy forms rivets in the open grid created by carbon fiber tows woven with Kevlar® cross threads. This chemically bonds the product to the concrete structure.

Fortress Crack Stitch logo

The Crack Stitch by Fortress is a pre-impregnated, bi-directional carbon fiber / Kevlar® open grid near surface mount reinforcement crack repair product for the strengthening of concrete and masonry structures. Crack Stitches are filled installed utilizing Fortress Xtreme 4070 resin to form a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) system.

Invisibeam logo

Invisibeam by Fortress utilizes ReGrid Carbon Fiber kevlar technology to stabilize bowed foundation walls. This post-tensioned composite solution is bonded to the foundation wall and mechanically anchored to the rim joist, providing permanent reinforcement to arrest inward movement of foundation walls, stabilize bowing walls, and prevent shearing or tipping.

Resins and Pastes 

SRS-1000 Structural Epoxy Resin logo

A two-component, high modulus structural epoxy formula designed to provide maximum adhesion of SRS carbon fiber fabric to concrete substrates. SRS 1000 is specially formulated for long pot life, providing extended workability during CFRP applications. The ultra-low viscosity formula is also ideal for gravity fed repair of fine to medium cracks in concrete.

SRS-2100 Concrete Repair Paste logo

A high performance structural paste designed for concrete and masonry repair. The rapid cure two-component formula is ideal for filling voids in cracked concrete, setting injection ports and anchoring rebar. SRS-2100 is tested to ICC-ES, AC308 and ACI 355.4 to deliver ultimate versatility in wet or dry environments under a wide temperature range.

4070 Xtreme Epoxy Paste logo

Xtreme 4070 is a code compliant, two-component, 1:1 mix ratio by volume, high performance epoxy anchoring system approved for use in cartridges and in bulk with threaded rod, CFRP anchoring, and reinforcing bar for cracked and un-cracked concrete conditions, internally threaded inserts in un-cracked concrete in accordance with

ACI 355.4, and ICC-ESR-3815

FRP Anchors

Double-Tee-Repair logo

The solid carbon Double Tee or “HorseShoe” Anchor as it’s commonly referenced, is designed to carry the lateral and flexural load caused by vehicle traffic on Double Tee flanges in parking garages and similar structures. The Double Tee Anchor is non-corrosive and installs within an inch of the surface, avoiding any possible intrusion of steel reinforcement.

Carbon Fiber Staple Anchor
Bowed wall sill plate top anchor

The Carbon Fiber Staple Anchor is an innovative and reliable anchoring solution designed to secure 6" SRS-600UNI composite straps to concrete substrates and prevent de-bonding failures from shear forces. The staple anchor is made of prepreg precured carbon fiber, ensuring exceptional durability and load-bearing capabilities.

This anchor provides mechanical fastening of carbon fiber to the house framing, ensuring a secure connection and preventing splitting of the sill plate during installation. It offers an effective solution to address wall tipping concerns by providing additional resistance and shear strength.

Crack Injection

SRS-1000 Structural Epoxy Resin Logo

SRS-1000 is an ultra-low viscosity self-leveling structural epoxy resin ideal for low or high pressure crack injection for vertical, overhead and horizontal gravity fed crack repair applications Formulated for long pot life, providing extended workability. Low viscosity and surface tension allows for deep crack penetrations

Crack Injection Ports
Injection Tube Assemblies

Crack injection ports for epoxy injection of hairline cracks in concrete. Ports can be connected directly to SRS-1000 33oz cartridge nozzles. The injection port's patented design virtually eliminates under-filling the crack with their check valve ball bearing that prevents back-flow, even after the resin is dispensed into the port.

The injection tube assembly allows for precise and controlled dispensing of epoxy resin into the crack. Ensures uniform coverage and effective sealing, minimizing wastage of the epoxy material. Connects with SRS-1000 33oz cartridge nozzles and ball crack injection ports. 

Albi Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings

Albi Protective Coatings is a premier manufacturer of fire-resistive and fire-retardant coatings for building materials including structural steel and wood. Albi's products are tested for compatibility with SRS Carbon Fiber Structural Strengthening Systems and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to several test standards required in building codes including ASTM E119, UL263 and UL1709.

Fire Free Protective Coatings Inc
Chemco logo

Firefree Coatings is a leading source of intumescent fireproofing products providing high performance fire cost effective protection. Fully validated/tested and certified, easy to use, eco-friendly and usable on multiple substrates and assemblies. Fully tested LEED v4–compliant paints providing fire protection for a wide range of substrate and assembly projects. 

ChemCo Systems provides coating solutions for extreme conditions including underwater, corrosive, abrasive and extreme temperatures in civil, industrial and marine enviroments. ChemCo Systems advanced coatings have been utilized on various SRS Carbon Fiber Strengthening Systems applications from sea walls to industrial holding tanks.

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