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SRS Carbon Fiber made in USA

Enhance balcony durability and safety with carbon fiber reinforcement

Balcony Strengthening with
FRO Concrete Balcony Strengthening_edite
CFRP Balcony Repair using carbon fiber

The benefits of carbon fiber in balcony repair and reinforcement

When balconies exhibit concrete deterioration, it is often due to the corrosion of reinforcing steel. This corrosion is caused by water-soluble chlorides, which are carried to the balconies by air. These chlorides migrate through the concrete as vapor, reaching the reinforcing steel through micro cracks, gel pores, joints, or other weak points in the concrete.

Utilizing carbon fiber for repairing and strengthening balconies offers several significant benefits. Carbon fiber is exceptionally strong yet lightweight, making it an ideal material for structural reinforcement without adding substantial weight to the balcony. Its high tensile strength helps effectively arrest the progression of cracks and prevents further damage to the concrete.

Additionally, carbon fiber is resistant to corrosion, which means it will not deteriorate when exposed to the same chlorides that caused the initial damage. This durability ensures a longer lifespan for the repaired structure, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Carbon fiber reinforcement also enhances the load-bearing capacity of the balcony, ensuring it can safely support additional weight and usage over time. This increased strength and stability contribute to the overall safety and functionality of the balcony.

What sets SRS apart

Why Choose SRS?

We are the carbon fiber infrastructure rehabilitation experts. SRS proudly leads the way with American Made carbon fiber strengthening systems that are built around the needs of professionals, designed, and engineered to preserve concrete structural components.

Why choose SRS


A Client Experience You Can Rely On

Our expert in-house engineers and dedicated support team are committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience. With an extensive carbon fiber inventory and same day shipping, SRS has the materials and expertise you can count on.

• Engineered Carbon Fiber Designs 

• Same Day Support
• Contractor Training 

• Commercial Format Roll Kits

Why choose SRS
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