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Sea wall repair

Sea Wall & Marine


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Safeguarding our shores by preserving our sea walls

Sea Wall Repair Camano Island Washington

Sea walls are subjected to immense environmental stress due to their constant exposure to harsh marine conditions. They face relentless forces from waves, tides, and storm surges, which exert significant pressure and can lead to gradual erosion and structural weakening. Additionally, sea walls must withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater, which can degrade construction materials over time. Without proper care, the integrity of sea walls can be compromised, increasing the risk of flooding, land loss, and damage to coastal communities.

Damaged Seawall
Cracked Sea Wall

Combat environmental stress with SRS commercial grade fabrics

FRP Sea Wall Repair
Structural cracks in a concrete sea wall

Repairing damaged sea walls is crucial for protecting coastal communities and ecosystems from the destructive forces of the ocean. Sea walls act as a first line of defense against erosion, storm surges, and high waves, preventing flooding and land loss. When these structures are compromised, the risk of severe damage to homes, infrastructure, and natural habitats increases significantly. Prompt repair and reinforcement of damaged sea walls ensure their structural integrity and longevity, safeguarding both human lives and property. Additionally, well-maintained sea walls help preserve the natural shoreline, supporting marine life and coastal biodiversity. Addressing damage early prevents costly, extensive repairs in the future, ensuring sustainable and resilient coastal protection.

Fortify your sea walls with advanced carbon fiber reinforcement

Carbon Fiber Sea Wall Strengthening
Carbon Fiber Sea Wall corner
Sea Wall Repair using SRS Carbon Fiber

Using an environmentally safe crushed glass medium, the surface of the wall can be thoroughly prepared. This process removes years of algae and marine contaminates from the concrete substrate while opening up the pores of the concrete to allow for epoxy penetration.

Cracks and deteriorated joints can be addressed with the SRS-660BI in order to reestablish strength across the cracks as well as keep unwanted moisture from infiltrating the wall through
these joints. In addition SRS-600UNI can be used to provide
global strengthening of the wall in order to make up for any section loss in the existing reinforcing steel and to provide additional reinforcement against the pressures from the soil behind the wall. The corners can also be strengthened by wrapping them with the SRS-600UNI.

Composite materials are a great fit for maritime applications because of their natural corrosion resistance vs alternative strengthening materials such as steel. Another factor to consider with any exterior carbon fiber installation is long term exposure to UV light. While the carbon fiber component of reinforced polymer is unaffected by UV, the epoxy requires protection from the suns powerful ultra violet rays in order to maintain its structural properties.

Repaired with carbon fiber and coated sea wall
Repaired and Coated Sea Wall

Waterfront dock strengthening - how composites are rising to the challenge

Concrete dock repaired with carbon fiber

​Concrete docks are vital assets that require robust maintenance and repair strategies to ensure their longevity and functionality. Cracks and structural failures in these docks can pose significant risks and disrupt operations.


Essential for marine and waterfront activities, these docks are exposed to a variety of stressors that can lead to cracking and failure. Constant exposure to waves, temperature fluctuations, saltwater corrosion along with impact damage are just a few things that can lead to gradual deterioration.

Repairing and reinforcing concrete docks with carbon fiber offers a high-strength, durable, and cost-effective solution, providing long-term protection and enhancing the safety and reliability of waterfront infrastructure. Carbon fiber has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, providing robust reinforcement without adding significant weight to the dock. Unlike steel, carbon fiber does not corrode, making it ideal for use in harsh marine environments where exposure to saltwater is a constant concern. The application process for carbon fiber is quicker than traditional repair methods, minimizing downtime and disruption to dock operations. Investing in these repairs can be more cost-effective in the long run, as it prevents the need for more extensive and expensive repairs or complete replacements.

Broadcasting sand over carbon fiber reinforced dock
Cracked concrete dock

Case Study's

Sea Wall Case Study

Carbon Fiber Sea Wall Strengthening

Why Choose SRS?

We are the carbon fiber infrastructure rehabilitation experts. SRS proudly leads the way with American made carbon fiber strengthening systems that are built around the needs of professionals, designed and engineered to preserve concrete structural components.

Cracked Concrete Dock Case Study

Concrete Dock Crack Reinforcement

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