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Stem Wall

Foundation Repair

SRS-660BI Carbon Fiber used on foundation stem walls

Professional Grade

Carbon Fiber Strengthening Systems

Proudly Made in the USA

Hardened slotted roller applying carbon fiber

Commercial strength carbon fiber, bonded with structural epoxy adhesive, forms an advanced composite strengthening system.

ICC-ES & AC125 Tested Systems. Engineer Approved Specified Products. Experienced Technical Support.  Order Customization and same day shipping on all carbon fiber kits for bowed wall stabilization

ICC-ES & AC125

Tested Systems

Engineer Approved

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Over 35,000 lbs/sq ft of confinement strength over cracks

SRS specializes in cutting-edge carbon fiber technology to provide lasting solutions for foundation issues. Our carbon fiber strengthening systems are designed to re-establish its strength, stability, and structural integrity. We understand that foundation problems can lead to a wide range of issues, including cracks, settling, and compromised structural integrity. That's why we rely on the exceptional properties of carbon fiber to effectively address these concerns. One of the significant advantages of carbon fiber is its non-intrusive nature. Unlike traditional repair methods, carbon fiber requires minimal excavation and disruption to the property. This means shorter project timelines, reduced costs, and minimal disruption. Don't let foundation issues compromise the stability and safety of your property. Discover the transformative power of carbon fiber technology and ensure the longevity and strength of your foundation for years to come.

Bidirectional carbon fiber provides permanent reinforcement of cracks in deteriorated foundation stem walls. Once a crack develops and moisture reaches the reinforcing steel, corrosion begins. As corrosion progresses, it worsens the condition of the concrete around the reinforcing steel. To repair these areas, the deteriorated concrete needs removal, and the rebar corrosion needs addressing. Once the corroded rebar is treated, the concrete can be repaired. If the corrosion process is not completely halted, over time, the expansion of the steel can cause the patch to fail.

A preferred method to reinforce foundation walls against these types of failures is to wrap the repaired areas with bidirectional carbon fiber. This will not only provide confining strength over the repair but also help compensate for any section loss in the corroded rebar.

First coat of epoxy prior to Carbon Fiber Application
SRS-1000 Structural Epoxy Resin for crack repair

Signs of foundation failure

The SRS-660BI and SRS-600UNI Carbon Fiber Structural Strengthening Systems are designed to reinforce and strengthen foundations and other structures. These composite strengthening systems are easy to install and create an incredibly strong and permanent bond that will last for years to come. Their versatile design and superior strength make them ideal for foundation repair projects and other structural strengthening projects. 

The most common signs of failure in the stem walls often include horizontal cracks, caused from oxidized rebar expansion or rusting. This oxidization often causes horizontal foundation cracks on this type of stem wall foundation construction. These small cracks will grow, and could become a structural issue. 

Concrete foundation wall - horizontal crack repair details

Standard Stem Wall Crack Repair - Ram Ja

Engineered For Maximum

Safety & Reliability

The inherent flexibility and adaptability of carbon fiber fabric enable it to seamlessly conform to the intricate contours and distinctive corners of any given structure, ensuring comprehensive coverage and optimal reinforcement.

Surface grinding foundation stem wall prior to Carbon Fiber Application
Carbon Fiber wrapped around corner of stem wall
Repairing foundation stem wall and filling voids with SRS-2100
Repaired and coated foundation stem wall

Why surface prep and void filling is an important step before any carbon fiber installation

By diligently preparing the surface beforehand, any imperfections or irregularities can be addressed, creating a smooth and uniform base for the carbon fiber application. Surface grinding helps remove any existing coatings or contaminants, while utilizing SRS-2100 for filling voids and cracks, enhancing structural integrity. This thorough preparation process not only ensures optimal adhesion of the carbon fiber but also minimizes the risk of future damage or deterioration, providing a solid foundation for long-term structural stability. Additionally, proper surface preparation facilitates a smoother surface, allowing for the flawless application of a cosmetic coating, thereby enhancing both the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the surface.

High Performance Carbon Fiber Fabrics Require High Performance Adhesives

SRS has you covered with the most advanced rapid cure repair paste available 

SRS 2100 Concrete Repair Paste designed for repairing block walls, cracks, mortar joints. Designed and tested for crack repair, void filling and carbon fiber wall reinforcement

Technical Data

SRS 660BI technical data
SRS-600UNI carbon fiber 25 year transferable warranty

Why Choose SRS?

A Client Experience You Can Rely On

We are the carbon fiber infrastructure rehabilitation experts. SRS proudly leads the way with American Made carbon fiber strengthening systems that are built around the needs of professionals, designed, and engineered to preserve concrete structural components.

Our expert in-house engineers and dedicated support team are committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience. With an extensive carbon fiber inventory and same day shipping, SRS has the materials and expertise you can count on.

Structural Reinfrocement Solutions products are made in the USA

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