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SRS-660BI Carbon Fiber Logo

A bidirectional, high-strength, non-corrosive carbon fiber fabric designed to be field laminated with SRS-1000 Epoxy adhesive to create a carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite for structural reinforcement and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures.

Retaining Wall Strengthening, Repair and Restoration with SRS-660 Bidirectional Carbon Fib


Key Benefits

Storage Conditions 

• External Reinforcement of Existing Structures

• Increasing Load Capacity

• Confinement

• Shear Strengthening

• Flexural Strengthening

• Construction Error Corrections 

• Crack Repair and Confinement

• Seismic Retrofit​

• Damage Repair

• Defect Remediation​

• Blast mitigation

• Restoring Damaged / Deteriorated Structural Components

   •  High strength to Weight Ratio

  • Lightweight

  • Ambient cure

  • Non-corrosive

  • Molds to fit various shapes

  • Low aesthetic impact

  • Compatible with many finish coatings

  • Made in the USA

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio 

  • High Modulus of Elasticity

  • Conforms to Structure

  • Easy Installation

  • Arrests Structure Movement 

Storage Conditions - Store in Dry Area at 40 deg - 95 deg F (4-35 C) Shelf Life Carbon - 10 years/Epoxy- 2 Years 


  • 12 in. x 100 ft. (100 sq/ft ) / SRS-600BI

  • 24 in. x 100 ft. ( 200 sq/ft ) / SRS-600BI

  • 36 in. x 100 ft. ( 300 sq/ft ) / SRS-600BI

Limited Warranty

This product is covered by the Structural Reinforcement Solutions 25 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Data 


Case Studies

Parking Garage Structural Strengthening with Carbon Fiber

Parking Garage

Wall Reinforcement

Brick Column Strengthening  with Carbon Fiber

Brick Column


Concrete Slab Embed Pullout Strengthening With Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Slab Embed

Pullout Strengthening

Commercial Retaining Wall Restoration and Structural Strengthening using Carbon Fiber Rein

Retaining Wall 


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