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In cases where structural capacity is lost due to deterioration of the reinforcing steel, CFRP can be used to strengthen and restore structural components.  In this case, the use of SRS-660BI accomplishes two things.  It provides strength across the repair to keep the patch material in place and also adds strength along the straps length to make up for any resulting strength reductions related to section loss of the corroded reinforcing steel.  In comparison, using the design tensile values of the 12" wide SRS-660BI, it can handle 1.3 x the tensile capacity of a #6 rebar.  Being that this material is bidirectional, it can carry this strength across the crack as well.

Broken Corner Repair Document 

Broken foundation corner repair and structural strengthening using SRS-600 Unidirectional Carbon fiber

Commercial Corner Repair and Strengthening

Cracked Concrete Corner Strengthening in a commercial building structure
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