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Enhance structural integrity and increase load capacity

Deteriorated Beams

Concrete beams are fundamental elements in building structures, providing critical support and stability. Over time, these beams can undergo wear, stress, and degradation, compromising their structural integrity. By employing advanced techniques and materials, such as carbon fiber reinforcement, engineers can significantly enhance the load-bearing capacity and resilience of concrete beams, preventing potential failures and extending the lifespan of the structure.

Damaged Beam

The importance of strengthening reinforced beams

As commercial buildings evolve and load demands increase, the existing concrete beams may no longer suffice. Strengthening these beams ensures they can handle additional loads without compromising structural integrity, accommodating changes in usage or occupancy.

Weak or damaged beams can lead to severe structural issues, including deflection, cracking, or even collapse. Providing supplemental reinforcement to concrete beams helps prevent these types of failures, maintaining the safety and stability of the building.

FRP strengthening significantly extends the lifespan of concrete beams, delaying the need for costly replacements or extensive repairs. This proactive approach saves time and money while maintaining the building's structural health.

Advanced techniques for reinforcing commercial concrete beams

Staple Anchored U wraps
Coated reinforced beam
Double Tee

Carbon Fiber Staple Anchor

The Carbon Fiber Staple Anchor is an innovative and reliable anchoring solution designed to secure 6" SRS-600UNI composite straps to concrete substrates and prevent de-bonding failures from shear forces. The staple anchor is made of prepreg precured carbon fiber, ensuring exceptional durability and load-bearing capabilities.

Double T Anchor

The solid carbon Double Tee or “HorseShoe” Anchor as it’s commonly referenced, is designed to carry the lateral and flexural load caused by vehicle traffic on Double Tee flanges in parking garages and similar structures. The Double Tee Anchor is non-corrosive and installs within an inch of the surface, avoiding any possible intrusion of steel reinforcement.

Superior Strength, Durability, and Flexural Strengthening

Carbon Fiber strengthened beam
Beam Strengthening
Carbon Fiber beam strengthening

Flexural strengthening of beams is a critical engineering practice aimed at enhancing their capacity to resist bending or flexural loads. This reinforcement is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of beams under various load conditions, ensuring both safety and durability. Flexural strengthening becomes particularly necessary when beams are subjected to increased loads, have sustained damage, or need to comply with updated building codes and standards.


Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) materials are widely used for flexural strengthening due to their numerous benefits, including fast and non-invasive installation. One such advanced material is SRS 600-UNI, a high-strength, non-corrosive unidirectional carbon fabric designed for on-site lamination with SRS-1000 saturant resin. This combination forms a high-strength CFRP composite, making it ideal for various structural beam reinforcement applications.

10x stronger then steel

Why Choose SRS?

We are the carbon fiber infrastructure rehabilitation experts. SRS proudly leads the way with American made carbon fiber strengthening systems that are built around the needs of professionals, designed, and engineered to preserve concrete structural components.

Maden in USA

A Client Experience You Can Rely On

Our expert in-house engineers and dedicated support team are committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience. With an extensive carbon fiber inventory and same day shipping, SRS has the materials and expertise you can count on.

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