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Retaining Wall Repair with Carbon Fiber and Wall Anchors

Carbon Fiber can be a very effective means to reinforce, stabilize, and repair damaged or deteriorated retaining walls.

In order to effectively stop movement in a retaining wall, “restraint” has to be provided. For instance, if a wall is tipping and carbon fiber straps are added, the wall could still continue to tip but would do so as one reinforced section. Restraint is provided by wall tiebacks or anchors that are incorporated into the repair by holding back the top of the wall. This allows the carbon fiber to resist any movement between the tiebacks and the backfill, restraining the base of the wall.

In instances where there is movement both vertically and horizontally, a grid pattern of carbon fiber can be used to provide stabilization for the wall and to resist any additional movement.

The SRS-600UNI straps are used to provide an increased tensile capacity of over 195,000lbs on the face of the wall to resist movement, while the SRS-660BI straps are being used to provide localized strengthening along the horizontal cracks as well as restraint against movement in the wall between the vertical straps, similar to a waler system.

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