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SRS-450UNI Carbon Fiber

A unidirectional, high-strength, non-corrosive carbon fiber fabric designed to be field laminated with SRS-1000 Epoxy adhesive to create a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite for structural reinforcement and strengthening of concrete and masonry structures.

Carbon Fiber Bowing Wall Stabilization Repair.jpg


Key Benefits

Storage Conditions 

• External Reinforcement of Existing Structures

• Increasing Load Capacity

• Confinement

• Shear Strengthening

• Flexural Strengthening

• Construction Error Corrections 

• Bowed Wall Stabilization

• Seismic Retrofit​

• Damage Repair

• Defect Remediation​

• Blast mitigation

• Restoring Damaged / Deteriorated Structural Components

   •  High strength to Weight Ratio

  • Lightweight

  • Ambient cure

  • Non-corrosive

  • Molds to fit various shapes

  • Low aesthetic impact

  • Compatible with many finish coatings

  • Made in the USA

  • High Strength to Weight Ratio 

  • High Modulus of Elasticity

  • Conforms to Structure

  • Easy Installation

  • Arrests Structure Movement 

Storage Conditions - Store in Dry Area at 40 deg - 95 deg F (4-35 C) Shelf Life Carbon - 10 years/Epoxy- 2 Years -


  • 6 in. x 240 ft. (120 sq/ft ) / SRS-450UNI

Limited Warranty

This product is covered by the Structural Reinforcement Solutions 25 Year Limited Warranty

Technical Data 



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