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SRS specializes in the cutting-edge carbon fiber technology to provide lasting solutions for foundation issues. Our carbon fiber strengthening systems are designed to re-establish it's strength, stability, and structural integrity. We know that foundation problems can lead to a wide range of issues, including cracks, settling, and compromised structural integrity. That's why we rely on the exceptional properties of carbon fiber to address these concerns effectively.

One of the significant advantages of carbon fiber is its non-intrusive nature. Unlike traditional repair methods, carbon fiber requires minimal excavation and disruption to the property. This means shorter project timelines, reduced costs, and minimal disruption. 

Don't let foundation issues compromise the stability and safety of your property. Discover the transformative power of carbon fiber technology and ensure the longevity and strength of your foundation for years to come.

Cracked foundation stem wall repaired with carbon fiber

The SRS-660BI and SRS-600UNI Carbon Fiber Structural Strengthening Systems are designed to reinforce and strengthen foundations and other structures. These composite strengthening systems are easy to install and create an incredibly strong and permanent bond that will last for years to come. Their versatile design and superior strength make them ideal for foundation repair projects and other structural strengthening projects. 

Lateral foundation crack repaired with carbon fiber
SRS-660 Bidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforcing a cracked foundation stem wall
Carbon Fiber foundation Reinforcement on a cracked foundation
Crack confinement using carbon fiber reinforcement on a foundation
Carbon fiber being applied to a deteriorated foundation
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Stem Wal
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Crack strengthening and waterproofing on a concrete foundation wall
Carbon fibre reinforced concrete crack r
Carbon Fiber Bowed Wall Stabilization.HE
CFRP Bowing Wall Strengthening New Jerse
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