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Another common application for the SRS-660BI is the reinforcement of cracks related to corroded rebar. Once a crack develops and moistures is able to get to the reinforcing steel and corrosion begins. As the corrosion progresses it worsens the condition of the concrete around the reinforcing steel.


In order to repair these areas, the deteriorated concrete needs to be removed and the rebar corrosion needs to be addressed. Once the corroded rebar is addressed, the concrete can be repaired. If the corrosion process is not completely stopped, over time, the expansion of the steel can cause the patch to fail. One method to reinforce against these types of failures is to wrap the repaired areas with a bidirectional carbon fiber. This will not only provide confining strength over the repair, but will also help make up for a section loss in the corroded rebar.

Crack Confinement Document 

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