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SRS 4100 Concrete Guard is an advanced vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor that forms a durable protective film on embedded steel, enhancing the tensile strength of concrete. Ideal for combating corrosion, chloride contamination, and carbonation, SRS 4100 ensures long-lasting durability and improved adhesion for bonded materials like FRP and surface coatings.

Cracked damaged concrete bridge

Product Details

SRS 4100 is a premium vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor designed to strengthen and protect concrete surfaces. This organic, surface-applied solution creates a durable passivating film on the embedded steel, pacifying both anodic and cathodic sites of the corrosion cell. SRS 4100 migrates as vapor to deposit on the embedded steel, providing long-lasting protection.

When To Use

  • When corrosion is present or suspected.

  • On chloride-contaminated concrete surfaces.

  • On concrete surfaces showing signs of carbonation.

Packaging & Coverage

  • Sold in 5-gallon containers.

  • Distribution rate: should be about 100 sf/gal. It can
    be adjusted depending on project requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes resistivity.

  • Inhibits chloride migration.

  • Restricts and prevents water ingress.

  • Simple to use.

  • Environmentally friendly.

  • Breathable.

  • Extremely durable – cannot be peeled or scratched off.

  • Can be painted, coated, or overlaid as needed.

Expected Performance

  • Reduces permeability.

  • Decreases water-soluble chloride activity.

  • Increases concrete strength.

  • Elevates concrete pH.

  • Reduces chemical reactivity.

Technical Data 

SRS 4100 tech data cover sheet
SRS 4100 Lable

Case Studies

SRS Surtreat Case Study Cover

Oklahoma Department

of Transportation

Case Study

SRS Surtreat Case Study Cover

Okinawa Corrpro

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