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Concrete Column Reinforcement with Carbon Fiber (CFRP)

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

With the ever increasing demand to rehabilitate reinforced concrete columns, carbon fiber reinforced polymer or CFRP has certainly risen to the top for its non invasive and cost effective attributes that make it the ideal solution for this type of repair. From cracks due to deterioration, the expansive forces of corroding reinforciong steel, excessive loading, or seismic activity, CFRP can be used to reinstate the strength and capacity back to these compromised structural elements. An added benifit to this repair is that the CFRP will also create a barrier to protect the reinforcing steel from the corrosion causing elements.

Wrapping reinforced concrete columns with carbon fiber has proven to be one of the most widely used and effective strengthening methods. This process significantly extends the lifespan of the columns, minimizes the maintenance requirements and greatly increases the load capacity. Learn more about the rehabilitation of reinforced concrete columns in our 3 page review of this repair.

Download our 3 page complete guide to Carbon Fiber Column Strengthening and Repair

Carbon Fiber Column Strengthening
Download PDF • 4.27MB

FRP Structural Column Wrap
Concrete Column Reinforced with Carbon Fiber (CFRP)

UV Protection over FRP repaired concrete column
Carbon Fiber Wrapped Columns Coated in an Exterior Paint

Watch how carbon fiber can repair cracked or damaged concrete columns in this short informational video.

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