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Structural Wall and Slab Openings

United Structural Systems out of Pleasant View, TN installed the SRS-600UNI around a door opening that had to be cut into a concrete wall. The CFRP was installed on both sides of the wall and will provide the necessary tensile strengthening to make up for the existing reinforcing steel that was cut.

Any time there are changes to a structural component such as a slab or a wall, consideration has to be made for any rebar or tensioning cables that have to be cut. In most cases CFRP can be used to transfer the stress around the opening and back to the initial tensile carrying components.

The two most popular places this is seen are in load bearing walls or structural slabs. In the case of a wall, typically the reinforcement would be needed on both sides of the wall as it will need to be strengthened as to not deflect in either direction.

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