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How Hurricane Damaged Concrete Buildings are being Repaired and Strengthened using Carbon Fiber

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Hurricanes and severe storms can cause extensive damage to properties in high risk areas. This recently completed project on North Carolina's Outer Banks was no exception and shows how carbon fiber can be used to repair and reinforce these damaged structures.

The repairs included bond beam replacement with the addition of our 6" wide SRS-600UNI to help tie the new bond beams into the CMU walls. The SRS-660BI was used to encapsulate and strengthen the CMU pilasters and the 6" wide unidirectional straps were used to tie these components to the adjacent walls. The owners can now be confident that this ocean front condominium will be safer than ever before and better prepared to resist the forces from the next major storm.

Learn more about strengthening hurricane damaged concrete structures with carbon fiber

Composite Hurricane Strengthening Case Study
Download PDF • 806KB


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