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Vehicle Impact Repairs with Carbon Fiber

Vehicle impacts in commercial buildings from forklifts and other traffic can be a regular occurrence in busy warehouses across America. When the integrity of structural components, such walls and support columns are in question from these impacts a thorough evaluation should be carried out.

Project Highlight: CMU Column Repair from Vehicle Impact

Contractor: Metro Structural Services

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Following an inspection from Metro Structural Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma it was determined that several of the CMU support columns were compromised from forklift impacts and in need of reinforcement. Metro utilized SRS's 660 Bidirectional heavy weight commercial grade carbon fiber fabric to permanently strengthen the damaged concrete columns.

Once the the damaged areas of the concrete columns had been patched and all voids and section loss were filled, the surface of the CMU was prepared and Metro applied the 24" wide bidirectional carbon fiber over the columns.

The CFRP not only repairs and reinforces the columns but also provides strength over any necessary patches that were installed.

The added strength over these patches will help to increase the effectiveness and lifetime of the repairs to permanently reinstate their structural capacity.

Products: SRS-660 Bidirectional GSM Carbon Fiber, bonded with with SRS-1000 Structural Epoxy Adhesive, specially formulated for optimum carbon fiber saturation and high adhesion strengths.

If you need assistance on any concrete repair or reinforcement projects or if you're looking to learn how to expand your repair capabilities with Carbon Fiber, reach out to set up a webinar to go through the vast options where CFRP can be used.