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Foundation crack repairs with carbon fiber

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Foundation repair contractors expose cracks like this everyday. Understanding the causation of the problem is key to addressing an appropriate solution for the client and requires having the right tools at your disposal.

In addition to pasting and filling the crack with an appropriate material and addressing any foundation settlement, applying Structural Reinforcement Solutions 12” bidirectional carbon fiber can significantly increase the strength and reliability of the repair.

The 660 gram heavy weight carbon fiber provides 35,000lbs / ft of confinement strength to structurally reinforce the crack, while forming a waterproof seal over the entire repair.

Since call backs on crack injections are frequent due to their high failure rate, this additional step provides an upgraded solution to a common problem.

Surface preparation of crack repair on house foundation for carbon fiber crack repair
Concrete Foundation Crack Filled and Prepared Before Carbon Fiber Installation

Structural crack repair on a house foundation reinforced with Carbon fiber or FRP
SRS-660 Bidirectional Carbon Fiber Repair Applied over Foundation Crack


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