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Carbon Fiber Structural Repairs Bring Added Value for Contractors and Engineers

Updated: May 31, 2023

How are structural repair contractors adapting to the evolving economic landscape? As Garrison Wynn once said - “Action and adaptability create opportunity.” This statement rings true for any business that is looking for opportunities to create new revenue streams during an economic downturn. Carbon fiber structural repair solutions can at times be overlooked due to the contractor or engineer’s lack of awareness, or default to specify materials or recommending services the company is more accustomed to or familiar with.

Carbon fiber engineering for bowed wall, crack repair, bridge strengthening and concrete column wrapping
Carbon Fiber Repairs Using SRS Structural Engineering & Products

Forward thinking structural repair contractors across North America have been turning to carbon fiber as a repair solution that not only enhances many existing services, but also creates new opportunities in a competitive landscape. By expanding on these carbon fiber structural repair services, companies that adapt have been able to generate additional revenue from projects they may not have been equipped to bid on previously.

FRP and CFRP engineering for beam strengthening, bridge wrapping and column confinement
Structural Reinforcement Solutions - Products - Design Engineering - & Support for Carbon Fiber Strengthening

A notable example of this was Jasper, Indiana contractor LAN Construction. With a degree in Construction Technology and 15 years experience growing a successful foundation repair company, owner Luke Nordhoff recognized the opportunities in his local market to utilize carbon fiber. From initially offering CFRP or Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer to repair bowing foundation walls and reinforce concrete cracks, Luke was able to expand these solutions to include bridge repair. Looking for opportunities to utilize these materials to assist his county with the maintenance and preservation of their structures, Luke turned to the Dubois County Engineer to start the conversation regarding the uses and benefits of carbon fiber. On a local bridge that spans the Pakota River in Jasper Indiana, vertical cracking had been observed in the piers. Knowting the capabilities of CFRP, Luke proposed utilizing Carbon fiber as an option to repair these piers. SRS worked with the county to develope a solution and this project was eventually put out to bid. A year after that initial conversation, LAN was the low bidder and was awarded project which consisted of the full encapsulation of the above grade portion of both bridge piers with 12” SRS-600UNI carbon fiber. This permanent repair, completed in just over a week, allowed the county to keep the bridge in service and avoid a much costlier repair alternative. Get the full case study here...

While carbon fiber bridge repairs are abundant throughout the country, failing retaining walls, cracked concrete columns and overloaded structures all present immediate opportunities for contractors to expand their structural repair offerings. To support the increased demand for education and awareness around the capabilities and applications of carbon fiber structural repairs, SRS offers weekly online training sessions with engineers and contractors who are interested in learning more about CFRP repair solutions.

Discover the possibilities of carbon fiber structural strengthening in this parking garage


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