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Carbon Fiber Structural Repair Video Review

SRS was founded upon promoting education and awareness around the expansive possibilities of carbon fiber structural repairs. At our core, contractor and engineer feedback has been a key driving force in our product development. We have compiled six informative videos that we would like to share.

Review our bowed wall installation in this 5 minute run-through from start to finish

SRS-600UNI CFRP gets critically reviewed by a seasoned mason from Massachusetts

LAN Construction fully rehabilitates this Jasper, Indiana Bridge with the SRS-600UNI Carbon Fiber

Professional Foundation Repair in Orange County, California reviews the SRS-660BI for structural crack repairs and seismic retrofitting

Discover just how many commercial applications there are for carbon fiber

Contractor training demo - Can the SRS-600UNI support a Jeep Gladiator?

From expert design engineering to unparalleled contractor support and training, Structural Reinforcement Solutions was built around the needs of professionals.

Discover the possibilities of commercial carbon fiber applications at


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