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Carbon Fiber in Conjunction with Foundation Piering

This weeks project highlights how Carbon Fiber Reinforcement was utilized on a foundation piering project in order to provide increased flexural capacity of a 22' CMU wall. The added reinforcement ensured no further damage was caused when lifting the building.

Rivers Edge Construction needed to install piers and lift the foundation along two sides of this 20,000 SF warehouse. When it came to lifting and correcting the settlement, there were concerns about the flexural capacity of the 22' tall CMU block walls.

River's Edge and the Engineer of Record on the project worked with Structural Reinforcement Solutions to come up with a plan to reinforce the CMU wall at each pier location with the 12" wide SRS-600UNI.

Each strap location was prepared by grinding the surface of the block to remove the paint, open the pores of the block and expose the aggregate. This process promotes high bond strengths with the SRS-1000 epoxy. Next the CFRP was installed, cured and the foundation was lifted without concerns about damage to the CMU wall above.

If you need assistance on any concrete repair or reinforcement projects or if you're looking to learn how to expand your repair capabilities with Carbon Fiber, reach out to set up a webinar to go through the vast options where CFRP can be used.

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