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Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Repair and Reinforcement

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Crack repairs are one of the most common uses of bidirectional carbon fiber. From problematic cracks in poured walls to stair step cracks in block. CFRP provides unparalleled confinement strength over the crack to arrest all movement and prevent future failures.

The ability to add this kind of strength to a crack repair has significant benefits. It can be used to remedy a problem injection or to simply reinforce a crack repair to provide peace of mind that it will not re-open. In addition to the strength properties provided by SRS-660BI, waterproofing capabilities are another benefit to its use.

Another common application for the SRS-660BI is the reinforcement of cracks related to corroded rebar. As the corrosion progresses it worsens the condition of the concrete around the reinforcing steel. One method to reinforce against these types of failures is to repair these areas with a bidirectional carbon fiber. This will not only provide confining strength over the repair, but will also help make up for any section loss in the corroded rebar.

Carbon Fiber Crack repair
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