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Cost effective non-invasive concrete pillar strengthening and repair using CFRP

This image was taken from our recent animated parking garage video that highlighted a number of common carbon fiber applications. Thousands of concrete columns and pillars across North America are in need of structural strengthening. Learn how carbon fiber can meet this growing need in our 2 minute informational video.

With an unprecedented number of parking garages across the united states in need of structural repair, building owners and property managers are turning to carbon fiber as a cost effective, non-invasive way to strengthen these buildings.

Concrete columns that are showing signs of deterioration from cracking or exposed rebar can be structurally strengthened with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, or CFRP, to safely restore the load requirements of the structural element. The ultra thin carbon fiber fabric is bonded using a structural epoxy adhesive to create a smooth composite jacket around the column.

The installation permanently restores strength to the concrete pillar to restore its structural capacity. The CFRP can then be coated or painted to conform with the existing structural members.

Learn more about repairing concrete columns and pillars at

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