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Why Contractors Rely on Professional Grade American Made Stabilizations Systems for Bowed Walls

Not all carbon fiber structural strengthening systems are created equally. Structural Reinforcement Solutions provides the most advanced carbon fiber products and reliable structural strengthening systems, offering the highest quality commercial-grade systems for bowed foundation wall stabilization. Our SRS-600 Unidirectional Carbon fiber system is designed and engineered to ensure effective, long-lasting stabilization to safely arrest any further inward movement of CMU block walls.

Foundation Repair Contractor Feedback Matters

GJ Macrae has been providing foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions in the greater Toronto area since 1975. Their repair process utilizes industry-leading structural repair methods to solve the problems of bowed and cracking foundation walls. Watch their review and time lapse video of a recent SRS-600UNI Carbon Fiber installation to stabilize and reinforce a bowing foundation wall in a Toronto basement.

High Performance Carbon Fiber Fabrics Require High Performance Adhesives

The bowed wall straps offered by SRS are a 6” wide, 600 gsm unidirectional carbon fiber that is bonded with a specially designed epoxy to maximize adhesion and saturation of the carbon fiber to the concrete or masonry substrates. The epoxy is mixed at a 2:1 ratio and is available in two different formats 33 oz cartridges and three-gallon bulk kits.

600 gsm Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Fabric Designed to Perform Under Pressure

SRS Carbon Fiber Composite Straps permanently secure and stabilize the basement wall against any further inward movement. The industrial strength adhesive epoxy penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete, while saturating the carbon fiber providing a permanent bond to the foundation.The SRS-600UNI composite straps exhibit a design tensile strength of over 40,000 lbs to permanently stop inward movement related

to the external soil pressure.

Engineered For Maximum Safety & Reliability

SRS's advanced composite strengthening system provides additional tensile capacity on the inside face of bowing walls in order to resist the external soil pressures on the wall. If the wall is constructed properly with the sill plate properly tied into the top of the wall as well as anchored to the house framing, then the use of the externally bonded reinforcement is often all that is needed to provide additional resistance to stop the inward movement of bowing walls.

The SRS-600UNI straps spaced at 4’ on center on an 8” cmu wall will provide over a 4X safety factor to resist the pressures from standard soils weighing around 100 pounds per cubic foot. Even as soil properties change, this safety factor allows room for variations to ensure that a proper safety factor is achieved. We limit the spacing to 4’ on center per the requirements of the standard masonry reinforcement codes.

When the Wall is Not Constructed Properly

In cases where the walls are not constructed properly and tied in at the top or where shearing or danger of shearing at the base is present, we have additional solutions that can be incorporated into the system to ensure that the walls are properly stabilized. Reach out to SRS’s engineering team to discuss these options and ensure that you have the right components and design for your specific application.

Block, CMU, or concrete walls fail for a number of reasons from lack of reinforcing steel to excessive loads due to expansive soils or excess ground water. When shearing at the base is a concern, contractors have a couple of options. They can use the standard practice of adding grout filled reinforced cores at the base. If the slab is being removed for a waterproofing system, they can run the bowed wall straps all the way down to the footer before pouring the wall back. These straps can even be anchored to the footer or in cases where the floor is not being removed, small sections can be removed at each strap location to achieve the same result.

Available Bottom Anchors

  • Anti Shearing keeps the wall from sliding

  • Anchors below slab and into foundation

Available Top Connections

  • Mechanically Fastens the Carbon Fiber to the House Framing

  • GRK Structural Screws Prevent Splitting the Sill Plate during Installation

If there is a concern with the walls tipping, there are several options to address this. Firstly and most commonly, the contractor should ensure there is an adequate connections between the house framing and the top of the wall. In cases where additional resistance needs to be provide, top connections connecting the bowed wall straps to the house framing can be added. Blocking or angles can be used to provide additional shear resistance as well.

In cases where the bow/opened mortar joints are high on the wall, these top connections in additional to the SRS-660 Bidirectional Carbon Fiber reinforcement across the top of the wall can be used.

Why Do CMU Walls Fail?

Block or CMU walls fail for a number of reasons from lack of reinforcing steel to excessive loads due to expansive soils or excess ground water. Even with the appropriate amounts of reinforcing steel in place, where the walls are constructed properly, expansive clay soils can still cause bowing if the cores are not fully grouted.

Why void filling is an important step before any carbon fiber installation

Since carbon fiber needs to remain in contact with the wall in order to remain in tension, it is important to fill the 'hinge point' where the wall opens up on this mortar joint. This important step prevents the receding backwards and potentially de-bonding the carbon fiber. Any voids, cracks, or mortar joints should also be filled with a high compressive strength, non sag material.

SRS has you covered with the most advanced rapid cure repair paste available

Benefits Of Using an Engineered Carbon Fiber Strengthening System

• Permanently Stops Inward Wall Movement

• 196,000 PSI Tensile Strength

• Low Aesthetic Impact (Can be Painted)

• Engineered Approved Design

• Less than 1/8" Thick

• Conforms to Structure

• Non-Corrosive

• Non Invasive

• 4X Safety Factor

Why Choose Structural Reinforcement Solutions Carbon Fiber Strengthening Systems?

We are the carbon fiber infrastructure rehabilitation experts. SRS proudly leads the way with American Made carbon fiber strengthening systems that are built around the needs of professionals, designed, and engineered to preserve concrete structural components. Our expert in-house engineers and dedicated support team are committed to providing an unparalleled customer experience. With an extensive carbon fiber inventory and same day shipping, SRS has the materials and expertise you can count on.

• Engineered Carbon Fiber Designs • Same Day Support • Contractor Training • Commercial Format Roll Kits

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