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Retaining Wall Repair Solutions

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

We have updated our case study archive as more structural repair contractors are turning to carbon fiber as a permanent solution for retaining wall strengthening and repair. Our latest case study highlights a complete retaining wall restoration utilizing SRS Commercial Carbon fiber Strengthening Systems. Additional case studies and project photos have also been added to this blog that detail both residential and commercial applications.

Cracked retaining wall in Los Angeles prior to structural rehabilitation
Commercial Retaining Wall Repair and Strengthening With Carbon Fiber

Watch this WWII retaining wall repair project from start to finish in Los Angeles, CA

Composite FRP straps used to structurally repair a retaining wall in Los Angeles, CA
Carbon Fiber Structural Reinforcement Straps Strengthening a Commercial Retaining Wall

Portland School Playground Retaining wall strengthening with wall tiebacks and CFRP

FRP Composite Strengthening Straps from Structural Reinforcement Solutions on a Commercial Retaining Wall in Portland , OR
Commercial Retaining Wall Repair & Strengthening With Carbon Fiber and Tiebacks

Engineered drawings for cracked retaining wall repair
Wall Tieback and Carbon Fiber Engineering for a Portland, Oregon School Playground Retaining Wall

San Diego Retaining Wall Reinforcement and Rehabilitation
Carbon Fiber Retaining Wall Strengthening

SRS provides detailed structural repair designs and Engineer approved systems

Case study describing a carbon fiber retaining wall repair project in San Diego, CA
Retaining wall crack repair and strengthening in San Diego

The composite system can be applied on brick, block or poured concrete retaining walls

Carbon fiber structural reinforcement of a cracked retaining wall in San Diego Case Study
Cracked Retaining Wall Reinforcement and Structural Strengthening

Once installed the system can be coated or parged in any UV protective finish

Retaining Wall Coated in a concrete stucco finish after structural strengthening
Finished Retaining Wall Structural Repair Project

Large Structural Crack in a retaining wall in Washington State
Structural Crack in Retaining Wall Prior to FRP Repair Application

Retaining wall crack mitigation at a residential property in Washington State

Surface preparation for structural cracks in a residential retaining wall
Structural Cracks in a retaining wall filled with high strength repair material prior Carbon Fiber Application

Surface and crack preparation prior to carbon fiber installation

Project highlighting carbon fiber structural surface preparation on a concrete retaining wall
Surface preparation for structural crack reinforcement on a residential retaining wall

Retaining wall restoration and crack mitigation using SRS-600 and SRS-660 Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) (FRP) Structural Reinforcement Products on a Residential Retaining Wall
SRS Carbon Fiber Applied to Cracked Residential Retaining wall for Structural Strengthening & Repair

Carbon Fiber Retaining wall strengthening in Washington State prior to being coated

Carbon fiber structural repair products on a retaining wall
Composite Structural Crack Reinforcement on a Residential Retaining Wall

What to do when restraint is needed.

Wall tiebacks and carbon fiber for structural repair and retaining wall stabilization
Carbon Fiber Retaining Wall Reinforcement Explained

SRS-600 Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer is a composite repair system designed with SRS-1000 Structural Epoxy Resin.

Bio-retention basin in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee reinforced with SRS-600 Unidirectional CFRP

Structural Reinforcement Solutions repair products for commercial crack repair on a large retaining wall
6" SRS-600UNI Carbon Fiber used for Commercial Retaining Wall Strengthening and Crack Repair

Bio retention basin in Tennessee with CFRP installation coated in a protective finish

Retaining wall repair project with a protective coating
Repaired Retaining Wall Coated in a Protective Finish

SRS-660 Bidirectional Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer is a composite repair system designed with SRS-1000 Structural Epoxy Resin.

Structural repair products for retaining wall strengthening and reinforcement
SRS-660 Bidirectional Carbon Fiber for Retaining Wall Crack Reinforcement and Repair


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