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Foundation Stem Wall Repair

When it comes to structural strengthening of concrete and masonry components like this stem wall repair, completed by Professional Foundation Repair and Construction, it’s imperative that proper saturation of the carbon fiber fabric is achieved.

After the surface of the concrete has been prepared to the specified surface profile, the the first layer of epoxy is applied to the substrate, penetrating deep into the pores of the concrete.

This initial layer bonds the carbon fiber to the structure. Once the fabric is applied to this primary layer of epoxy it saturates through the weave of the carbon fiber. Even saturation is achieved by running a hardened slotted roller over the surface of the material. This process insures that’s any excess epoxy or air bubbles are worked out from under the fabric.

A final layer of epoxy is then applied to the entire surface of the carbon fiber to ensure that the fabric is encapsulated in epoxy adhesive. The final result creates a permanent composite strengthening system designed to provide confinement strength of over 35,000 lbs per foot.

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