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Bowed Wall Stabilization using Unidirectional Carbon Fiber FRP

As we all know, concrete is great in compression but lacks the tensile properties necessary for the demands so is usually poured with steel rebar embedded in it.

This rebar provides the necessary tensile requirements so that the concrete can perform for the intended application. If this rebar is missing, damaged, or deteriorated, carbon fiber can be added to an existing structure in order to provide the necessary tensile capacities related to a specific load pattern.

The SRS-600UNI is best utilized for strengthening of concrete and masonry components such as bowed wall repairs.

When looking at unidirectional fabrics, the carbon fiber layout is usually going to follow the same layout as the rebar for the intend application. The tensile strength added by applying a 6” wide SRS-600UNI strap is 1.5x greater than that of a #6 rebar.

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